Sweet 16 Round Two Wall


Sweet 16 Round Two’s Wall tile has multiple colors and styles that will complement nearly every design you can imagine. The Swirl Deco adds that extra element for a textured wall look.


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Color Name

Pudding Gloss, Pudding Matte, Pudding Gloss Swirl Deco, Pudding Matte Swirl Deco, Blueberry Gloss, Blueberry Matte, Blueberry Gloss Swirl Deco, Blueberry Matte Swirl Deco, Scone Gloss, Scone Matte, Scone Gloss Swirl Deco, Scone Matte Swirl Deco, Waffle Gloss, Waffle Matte, Waffle Gloss Swirl Deco, Waffle Matte Swirl Deco, Blackberry Gloss, Blackberry Matte, Blackberry Gloss Swirl Deco, Blackberry Matte Swirl Deco, Biscotti Gloss, Cupcake Gloss, Madeleine Gloss